Some of the artists that inspire me most ..

Delia Prvacki, Romanian ceramic artist now lives and works in Singapure..

images-6IMG_3356_kein_air_cimages-1blue ceramic tiles2234497456_48ab63c3b4images-5

Emma Varga, graduated at the Department of Ceramics and Glass at the University of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade, now lives and works in Australia..


American ceramic artist Marc Leuthold..



My lovely professor from Serbia Velimir Vukicevic..Copy-2-of-Karneval-detalj_resizeimages-111915images-9


A great ceramic artist and professor at Alfred University, NY,               Wayne Higby


Thomas Schmidt, graduated at Alfred University, now teaching in China

Sampled Spaces 1--webTile-Angle-smallimages-151247860644-lumene

Ceramic artist from Denmark, Jeanne Opgenhaffen


5 Responses to Inspiration

  1. saramourton says:

    Hi Sabina! Love your inspirations! I thought you would like these images as well.

  2. Do you know the work of Myungjin Choi? Can’t find a website. Do a google image search.

  3. ceramicsalasara says:

    I find the way you incorporate the visual textures, color, and repetitive forms of your influences’ work into your work to be very alluring. I think you mentioned in your presentation that architecture is an influence of yours as well. I was wondering (if that was correct), what type of architecture you are influenced by and if there was a certain time period and region you were interested in. I was also wondering how you would incorporate that into your work and how it plays into the visual textures, color and repetitive forms you use in your artwork?

  4. saramourton says:

    Linda Swanson was one of the Emerging Artists at NCECA last year. Her work is concerned with the natural world and the metamorphic processes of ceramics. You two have a lot of similarities, from the way she works with the fluidity of glaze, to her focus on water.

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