Project “Intervention in space”

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3 Responses to Project “Intervention in space”

  1. ceramicsalasara says:

    This piece is amazing! The colors that you chose really make a great contrast with the color of the water and the color of the grass. I would have liked to see this in person. How did you get them to float? Do you have a concept posted somewhere I could read?

  2. sabinahorv says:

    Thank you Sara! During the critique it was very cloudy and the actual color of the water surface has changed a lot. Plus, my glazes with melted glass on the top were more intense and different from the color of the lake. At the end, we could see real water ripples on the surface as rain started to fall. I will post a written concept hopefully soon when I start with writing my thesis paper, there are a lot of writings that I need to organize for myself too.

  3. I mentioned this a bit during your presentation discussion but I would be very interested to see how you work with the notion of waters effect on environment, and the way it reflects our own impact on the earth. You posted some very beautiful images of sandstone formations out west such as those in Arches National Park and having spent some time out there myself I can say that its a pretty awe inspiring place. I think another place you might be interested in researching could be Yellowstone National Park which is full of natural hot springs and geysers that are reminiscent formally of your wheel thrown pieces. Also, the springs are full of colors ranging from the brilliant turquoises you use in your glazes and reaching all shades of gold, green and even red. I think it could be worth some exploration. Side note: Yellowstone is actually a pretty volatile place as its essentially a network of underground volcanoes and my Geology instructor told the class last semester that according geological time its due to explode soon…

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