“Lithophane is hot these days”

IMG_0518 2IMG_0522 2IMG_0524 2IMG_0526 2IMG_0523 2IMG_0520 2IMG_0521 2IMG_0529IMG_0530IMG_0528 2IMG_05192013-03-29 19.04.032013-03-29 18.29.172013-03-28 22.55.102013-03-29 20.53.092013-03-29 20.11.162013-03-29 20.11.222013-03-29 18.29.27

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1 Response to “Lithophane is hot these days”

  1. jfogden says:

    After your presentation I was thinking about your work as a whole. You have a fascination and appreciation for the ocean. From the colors that it naturally has, to its power, and the things that human beings use it for, you clearly have an interest in it. I was wondering though, where you’ll go in your upcoming work. Are you continuing with flat pieces, such as the lithophanes? Or will you go a more 3D route, like the cubes? I think you have great ideas, and have also developed a wonderful color palette, but should focus on one aspect of the ocean that keeps you the most intrigued and develop your work around that.

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